: 2008-04-12
You Rock Girl! Make sure I get your autograph when you get back in the State
: 2008-02-17
Camilie, Incredible job at Simplots. You are on your way. Running 5:12 this early just off base is great. That should put you at 5:09 on an outdoor track and you can possible be at 5:00 flat at the end of this spring.
: 2008-02-17
I need a picture of yourself as well. I am slowly telling people about the site.
School: Littleton High School
GPA: 3.9
Grade: University of Colorado Bound!
Specialty: Mile and 5k
Signs Letter of Intent with the University of Colorado!

Camille Skyrockets to the Elite Level this Spring 08. During Winter Camp with Team Prep USA (Dec 26th - Jan 4th 2008),Camille came up with some goals for the Spring Season and has shatterd the goals and is only 3/4 of the way through the season with a time of 5:03.82 for the full mile, which is close to a 9 second Personal record from a week ago and a huge personal record for the season.
Press & Pics  
Camille Logan rises back to the National scene after her bout with Mono, by running a 11:02 and now ranks 3rd in the State of Colorado in all classes!
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