Winter Distance Project 2016

Tampa, Florida
December 27, 2016 - January 4th, 2017

Team Prep USA will host their annual Winter Distance Project in Tampa, Florida again this year at the Cedarkirk Conference Center! The dates for camp are December 27th 2016 - January 4th, 2017.

The Winter Distance Project is set up to get the Student Athlete ready for track season in distance running and also keeps in mind the development of a base season with some track workouts involved. The Cedarkirk Center is a nicely wooded campus with abundant supple trails, outdoor pool, and climate controlled lodges in which girls and boys will be in separate buildings. Team Prep USA’s reputation has been built on quality over quantity and a highly enforced no-tolerance policy of breaking rules. The program is an overall life building program with an academic reputation as well.

We are now accepting deposits of $400 to reserve your spot at the camp. The cost of the 9 day, 8 night experience is $1275. Please mail check to Team Prep USA PO Box 1351 Crested Butte, CO 81224 or feel free to pay with a credit card by clicking on the link below. Deposit deadline is December 1, 2016 and Final payment is requested by December 15, 2016.

New campers that wish to be part of the Team Prep USA 2016 Winter Distance Project must submit 3 letters of character recommendation. These letters can be from anyone whom you choose and can be submitted along with $400 deposit for acceptance to Team Prep USA PO Box 1351 Crested Butte, CO 81224 or emailed to

We ask that all flights be booked in and out of Tampa International Airport. The airport transfer fee is $30 round trip. For arrivals on Dec. 27th: Shuttles will run between the hours of 11 AM and 5 PM. For departures on Jan. 4th: Shuttles will run between the hours of 8 AM and 2 PM. If flights cannot be worked out between those hours, we will make it work but we would prefer they stick to these time frames. Those driving we ask that you arrive campus between 11am - 3pm.
Linens are included to all attendees (top and bottom sheet, bath towel, pillow and case, light blanket).

As we do every year, we will have the opportunity to bring in the New Year together during the Winter Distance Project. We like to go big and extraordinary for New Year’s Eve- Team Prep USA will cover the entrance cost to participate in an activity but we request that all attendees please plan on doing some activity away from campus and that you please bring a small amount of spending cash. If there are any question on this matter please feel free to reach out to Team Prep USA. Again, the cost of camp ($1275) covers all meals, lodging, NYE entrance to Busch Gardens, and linens.

Don't Forget Directions!

Any questions please contact Team Prep USA at

Deposits are now being accepted! *Deposit deadline December 1, 2016. Now accepting final payments for enrollment.

You can submit your deposits and registrations by one of the following:

  • Print this form and submit with $400 check to Team Prep USA:
    Team Prep USA Winter Camp REGISTRATION

  • OR

  • Click on button below to pay by credit card

  • Health Waiver : Health Waiver
    Release Waiver : Release Waiver

    Team Prep USA is the premier high school distance running camp in the world according to ESPN Rise and from anyone involved. We have set the bar on allowing student athletes to come from 4 nights - 41 nights. Attendees of camp will have the opportunity to train at elevations ranging from 7,700 ft. to 10,500 ft. of the Colorado Rocky Elk Mountain Range. The Gunnison Valley of Colorado has become a Mecca, according to 'Nike' for athletes of all kinds to train. The beautiful trails and terrain available in this area are one to reckon with in North America. The weather at this time of year in Colorado is excellent as well. The first camp session will begin on June 26th at 12noon and last session ending on July 16th at 12noon. Team Prep USA will host their 13th annual Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp in Crested Butte/Gunnison, Colorado. Camp will be held at the Western State Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado, home of the Division II perennial powerhouse Mountaineers distance programs and just 30 minutes south of Team Prep USA's headquarters and training center. Select camps- for clients
      • June 26 - July 16 (20 night) $2500
      • June 26 - July 6th (10 night) $1425
      • June 26 - June 30th (4 night) $675
      • July 7 - July 16th (9 nights) $1375
      • July 7 - July 11 (4 night) $675
      • July 12 - July 16 (4 night) $675

      *please keep in mind these are the check/cash prices listed.

      Invite Camps Only:
      Some student athletes will get the opportunity to stay up in the Mtns for 41 Nights & 42 Days
      • June 19 - June 26 (Please ask)
      • July 16 - July 30 (please ask)

      If you’re flying in please arrange for flights into Gunnison Regional Airport (Free) or Montrose Regional Airport ($50 travel fee for each direction) for the start date of session attending. A staff member from Team Prep USA will pick up the camper from the airport. We should have some of the top high schoolers in the country again residing with Team Prep USA over the summer! Last year we had 46 states in attendance.

      See the hype about Team Prep USA running camps and athletes:

      The camp is focused on morning shake outs with flexibility drills, extensive core training, lectures from elite runners and coaches, and afternoon runs on the trails of the Gunnison valley. The RMXC camps are designed for distance runners that will enable them to gain a base and be able to hit the cross country season “running”. The RMXC camp is ultimately set up as a 20 night camp where campers are encouraged to attend the entire time but are welcome to attend the shorter segment sessions as well. The camp will also have an academic component, nutritional component, and how to build a desire within you. If you’re new to Team Prep USA, you may send in your $300 deposit to hold your spot, then we request that you send in 3 letters of recommendation. These character reference letters can be from anyone of your choosing and in any format. We have developed a large following so we try to protect the campers and clients that are already involved. We have a zero tolerance policy of breaking the rules. The camper goes home the next day on their parent’s expense if rules are broken. Team Prep USA supports the student-athletes that want to get it right and do not waste time on the kids that do not have a forward course in their development. Team Prep USA does have patience and cares but we feel in America that the kids that want more do not get the attention they deserve. We work very hard and play hard as well. Team Prep USA's track record is remarkable, just ask anyone that has been involved!

      If you have any questions please email Team Prep USA at

      Payments can be mailed to Team Prep USA PO BOX 1351 Crested Butte CO 81224.

      Letter of recommendation for new campers can be mailed to Team Prep USA PO BOX 1351 Crested Butte CO 81224 or emailed to

      Deposit deadline is June 1, 2016

      To register for camp please click on the either the "Registration form cash/check" or "Registration form credit card" button below. Please note that we offer a discount to pay by cash/check.
      • $450 deposit reserves your spot for camp
      • New potential campers please send 3 letters of recommendation to Team Prep USA
      • Final payment due June 10, 2016 *final payments can be made by check/cash or credit card.

      Team Prep USA will now be accepting credit card payments!

      Health Waiver : Health Waiver
      Release Waiver : Release Waiver

      *Team Prep USA is now connected to the Holiday Inn located in Gunnison, CO. If you need a hotel room (if you are arriving to town early or leaving town after camp) check out the Holiday Inn whom are offering discounted rates for Team Prep USA athletes and families, just let them know you are with us to receive the adjusted rate. The Holiday Inn offers airport arrangements as well.

      *Those that are deciding to arrive earlier than the start date of camp that need airport shuttles please use Alpine Express

      **If you would like to ship anything to your runner the address is:
      Western State Colorado University
      Attention Conference Services
      Rocky Mtn Cross Country Camps
      Camper Name
      c/o Conference Services
      University Center 104
      600 N. Adams St.
      Gunnison, CO 81231


      Lectures and items covered at the RMXC Camps:

      What it takes to be a champion
      Biomechanics of Speed
      Speed V. Speed Endurance
      Testimonials by our top staff
      Skits done by campers
      Goal Setting
      Individual evaluations with each athlete on gate analysis, and Bio mechanics
      Pacing Techniques
      Sports Psychology
      Toughness in Competition and Practice
      How Training Works - Periodization
      Injury Prevention and Common Running Injuries
      Intensive Nutrition topic - Students will have info to take home
      Biomechanics of Running
      Team Leadership
      Endurance Training Methods
      Optimal Nutrition for Peak Performance
      Softball Activity
      Uphill and Downhill Racing Techniques
      Tactical Advantages in Pack Placement
      Un-limiting your Performance
      Fear and Performance
      Recovery Protocols
      Coach Catch Activity
      Challenging Your Weaknesses
      The Pre-Competitive Protocols
      Sports Relaxation Drills
      Sports Performance Supplementation
      Indoor Pool Activity
      Fox and the Hound Activity
      Running Safety
      Attitudes of Famous Competitors
      Foundations of Mental Excellence
      Icing Protocols
      Stretching Efficiently
      Workout Progression and Structuring
      Separating the elite athlete from the good
      Simple changes make big differences
      Pairing training and science
      How altitude changes your physiology
      The concept of 'lift' and keeping the intensity in place

      Daily Schedule and Structure:

      7:30am Breakfast
      8:30am Shakeout Run
      9:00am Strides and Stretches / Flexibility Drills
      10:30am Lecture
      12:00pm Lunch
      1:00pm Lecture
      2:00pm Afternoon Long Run
      5:00pm Recovery Protocols/ Icing
      6:00pm Dinner
      7:30pm Lecture
      8:30pm Activity
      10:30pm Lights out!

      FAQ’s for RMXC:

      • When is the registration/final payment deadline? June 10, 2016.

      • Where should forms/payments/references be mailed/made out to? Team Prep USA, LLC PO Box 1351 Crested Butte, CO 81224

      • What is the cost for shuttle pick up/drop off? Gunnison regional airport=(free). Montrose regional airport=($50 each way per camper).

      • What is the cost for linens and what does it include? $10, includes sheet, pillow case, light blanket, hand towel, bath towel.

      • What needs to be to Team Prep USA by June 10? Final payment, Health form, Release waiver, and Travel itinerary.

      • Are there laundry units available? Yes, there are coin operated washers and dryers available.

      • When is check in for camp? 11am-1pm.

      • When is check out for camp? 11am.

      • Can graduated seniors attend camp? YES!

      • What about dinner on July 4th? Please send your runner with a little money as we will celebrate July 4th in Crested Butte with fireworks and activities.

      • Is information repeated during camp sessions? No, camp is set up as a 20 night camp with shorter segments available. Information is different everyday.

      Items to pack for camp:

      -Water bottle
      -Running shorts
      -Plenty of socks
      -Running shirts
      -Running pants
      -Sweatshirt, warm clothing (it can get cold, especially at night)
      -Light running jacket
      -2 pair of running shoes
      -Sunscreen, chap stick, hat
      -Bedding (if you are not getting the linen package $10)
      -Jeans/"regular" clothing (not required) but if runner feels like getting out of running gear
      -Notebook and pen
      -Towel for icing after runs
      -Dance (last night of camp July 18) - "White Party" themed
      -July 4 costume (just a thought)
      *There are coin-operated laundry units available.

      *Can pay deposit by filling out all forms then when go to final check out on last page click 'deposit'.

      Health Waiver : Health Waiver
      Release Waiver : Release Waiver


      Please contact Team Prep USA ( information about the following:
      -Media relations internship *looking to fill positions by March 31, 2016
      -Counselor positions
      -Sport Management internship(s)
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      • Deposit deadline was May 1, but we still have spots open - please contact for details.

    "Trent is one of the top distance coaches in the country. I've watched him build champions on the high school, college and open levels. The guy can flat out coach distance"
    Braman- 3 Time National Coach of the Year(06,07,08
    "Champions are built in the Off season! Trent consistently sets the bar for the high school elite distance world. I would make sure my kid was apart of the Off Season with Team Prep USA! " Legendary Pat Tyson
    Legendary Pat Tyson - Steve Prefontaine's roommate
    "Coach Trent Sanderson is doing a excellent job of helping young runners reach their potential in distance running. He has helped many athletes earn athletic scholarships to top Division I cross country / track & field programs."
    Duke University Kevin Jermyn
    “Coach Sanderson was instrumental in the development of an athlete we are excited to have joining us next fall. Our recruitment of her quite likely wouldn’t have happened without his sound advice to both parties. He is a professional.”
    University of Colorado / Mark Wetmore
    “What an amazing opportunity Trent Sanderson gives to young athletes who are eager to take their running and competing to the next level. He certainly has a strong connection with our sport and a keen knowledge for building success on the cross country course and the track”
    Kelly Strong- U of W 2008 XC NCAA Champions!
    I think one of the best things Trent provides athletes is a progressive program that will allow student athletes to keep improving at the next level. So many of the club coaches over train their athletes and they just never get much better once they sign a scholarship. Trent's athletes have a nice background in the sport but they are not over cooked!
    Coach Waters - 2009 National Track Champions!
    "It is rare to find such a high quality, informed, and well connected coach at the high school level. Coach Sanderson is the type of coach every good high school runner wishes they had in their school."
    University of Kentucky / John Mortimer
    "Coach Sanderson does a great job of laying a foundation of knowledge of distance running in young athletes. The more equipped they are to understanding the sport, the easier the transition into college. I also trust Trent's opinion and outlook on athletes. He has been a great resource for me throughout several recruiting processes."
    University of Virginia / Todd Morgan
    "Coach Sanderson has done alot for the sport in developing and mentoring talent... Go Trent!"
    Coach Karen Harvey '08 ACC Coach of the year!
    "I continue to be so impressed by Coach Sanderson and his staff at Team Prep USA! Trent student-athletes are well prepared both mentally and physically and always seem to get it done in the classroom as well."
    Coach Brad Hunt
    "Trent has been passionate about distance running for quite some time and has truly made a name for himself as a coach. He has worked with and helped so many runners improve over the years. Every athlete of his that I have recruited, has spoken very highly of him and his training program, and so many have had tremendous improvements and success."
    Brown University / Craig Lake
    "Trent Sanderson is one of the finest distance coaches in the U.S.A. His ability to work with and attain improvement from young athletes is remarkable."
    Western State College / Dr. Duane Vandenbusche / 3
    Trent is very well connected to the running community. For those student-athletes that are trying to become part of a competitive college program, Trent is a great place to look for guidance. He'll help them understand the process and the level of commitment it requires to be successful.
    Michigan State University / Rita Molis
    I have seen Trent Sanderson take emerging high school athletes and develop them into Footlocker Finalists. Most coaches dream to have one athlete make it to nationals in a career, while Trent does it annually.
    University of Arkansas / Lance Harter
    "As a college coach, I truly appreciate a coach like Trent Sanderson that provides two great services for our sport. First, he does a great in coaching the athletes in his program. Secondly, and equally important, he is a great advocate for them in their college search. His students are really in a win-win situation."
    Dartmouth University / Barry Harwick
    "Trent Sanderson has the gift. He knows running. He understands young people. He is the most motivated coach I have ever met. I know him well."
    Paul J. Meyer/ Motivational Speaker - "New York Ti