Freshman Shari Gorga broke the school record in the 3,000 meter steeplechase in
Lady Titans Sweep Regionals and Go to State Championship
American Record : Drossin Breaks 31:00 Barrier
Shelby Hayes is pictured here training in a hall way at the Spring Distance Camp during a Rainy day. Nothing keeps Shelby from Training.
Emily Bedell is running on a Anti Gravity Treadmill at the Summer Distance Project- Summer 09
Ryan Ragali running on the Ultra G Treadmill at the Summer Distance Project - 09.
Coach Donohue, converses with Coach Sanderson at Rocky Mountain XC Camps. There is so much planning that goes into having the top high school running camp in America! Coach Donohue is a true professional.
Kelli Hargrove comes up big at the Simplot Games!
Justin Vilhauer spending the summer at Team Prep USA Training Grounds Summer 2008 in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Coach Donohue out in action at the 2009 Summer Rocky Mountain XC Camps
Coach Donohue following clients through text message while discovering new routes at base camp headquarters of Team Prep USA in Crested Butte, Colorado!
Emily working on her core at Spring Distance Project - 2009
Coach Donohue and Counselor Christy Titus Ice after a long run at the RMXC Camps
Hannah Smith Cross Training with Team Prep USA in the Fall of 2008! Getting ready for Nordic Season
Emily Bedell races to a personal record at Florida State Relays
Clients getting Motovated at Camp!
"O" Training at Rocky Mountain Xc Camp 09
Team Prep USA's New Offices
Team Prep USA staff member Dr. Scott Drum works with runners at the Rocky Mtn XC Camps in the High Altitude Performance Lab!
Coach Donohue working out in the field of Crested Butte looking for more trails for Team Prep USA clients!
Nicholas Harper-Johnston runs personal record in Indoor Mile at Simplot Games!
Shelby leaving the competition behind at Florida State Relays March 28th, 2009
Coach Donohue, ices with Clients at the RMXC Camps Summer 09
'O' leading one of out elite groups at the Rocky Mountain XC Camps 09
Coach Donohue working with Clients at the Summer Rocky Mtn XC Camps!
Biscuit running over Mallory Bane with a horse in downtown Aspen, Colorado
'O' Is getting some one on one from Coach Sanderson at the Rocky Mtn XC Camps - Summer 09
Ryan stepping up in cruise intervals at Team Prep USA Summer Distance Project - 09 .
Emma Coburn literally leapt to the National scene overnight and she barely got
Taking the High Road Pays
Running Club Aids Top Areas Atheletes
Academy's Roberts Nabs Top Ten Finish at Nike Nationals
TEAM ELITE Local Group Paving the Way to Greatness
Adam Lenz Skyrockets onto National Running Scene
Coach Randy Wilson Talks about Team Prep USA and how the impact helped 3-Time All American Carley Seymour
Ashley Brasovan,
2007 Footlocker National Champion

Talks about how Team Prep USA has made a difference in her running career
Daniel Roberts shatters personal record
Lindsey Scherf, Current Jr. American Record Holder- 10k Attending Harvard University
Emilie Amaro, Makes Runner of the Year Honors for Broward County, Florida
'Runners World' comes to Crested Butte, Colorado
Coach Sanderson - Getting Athletes Ready for International Competition
Academy Runner Heads to National Championships
Dena O'Brien works on Mental part with Team Prep USA the week before State Meet in Alabama and makes her first All State Performance and runs Personal record
Team Prep USA Member Emilie Amaro- Makes Team USA Roster
Emma Coburn/ Joe Bosshard are making Incredible Strides this Year!
Jack Linehan is becoming a threat on the State level! After joining Team Prep USA he keeps crushing his time each week!
Erin Kelly has taken her destiny into her own hands!
Emilie Amaro, Sets the bar for Team Prep USA in the classroom and on the field!
Emma Coburn, Represents Team Prep USA in receiving yet another award for her academic and athletic accomplishments!
"I had no idea how much I loved running until I attended your summer camp a couple of years ago. I fell in love with it. I just wanted to say thanks. My 5k time lowered from 18:56 to 16:33!"
Emma Coburn takes Runner up at Nike Nationals! Runs US #5 All Time!
Ashley Brasovan, Shatters meet Record at Nike Nationals in 5k, and runs the #6 All time 5k mark in US history of 16:18!
Crested Butte Comunity School Wins Regional Title, & becomes the most successful xc team ever in the Gunnison valley
Ashley Brasovan, garnes "Gatorade National XC Runner of the Year? "
Team Prep USA Runners Took Top Honors in the Big Apple on November 9th, 2008!
Sean Daugherty - comes up with huge Personal Record in first Indoor meet of Season at 10:01 - over a minute personal best!
Crested Butte Community School ranks at the highest in the State for its Academics!
Team Prep Clients lit the track on fire this past weekend! Mallory Bane, Emily Bedell, and Sean Daugherty all ran personal records this weekend!
Camille Logan rises back to the National scene after her bout with Mono, by running a 11:02 and now ranks 3rd in the State of Colorado in all classes!
Hannah Smith is now a National Champion for 2009!
Robert Jackson, staff member with Team Prep USA and from Yale University works on Academic Progress at Spring Distance Project on March 28th, 2009 between races and training.
Shelby Hayes is ready for the State Championships in Florida, coming off Mono and not having any winter to train, has gotten herself into State Title Shape, now we sit and Wait, and let the games begin.
Justin Vilhauer runs personal best of 4:15.35 at Mt Sac and runs 9:02 the week before.
Shelby Hayes runs 9th leading time in the Nation for the 1600m!
'Nike' - list Gunnison, Colorado as one of the best places to train in America!
Emma Coburn Sets Jr American Record!
Shelby Hayes just runs away from one of the most stellar fields in the nation in the 1600m Florida State Championships and does it in dominating fashion!
Erin Kelly Wins State Title and breaks School record and runs 38 second Personal Record from last year after taking 2 mins off her time from the start of last year!
American Record Holder Jenny Barringer and Junior American Record Holder Emma Coburn relax on the strip in Boulder while getting ready for Nationals!
Team Prep USA Clients are just crushing the competition for the 2009 XC Season, Emily Bedell, Kaila Urick, Nicholas Johnston, Erin Kelly, Olivia Jones, Brandon Steed, Sean Daugherty, Regan Tendell, Jack Schrager, and Cat McColwry
Erin Kelly is becoming a star overnight! Erin ran a full minute and 10 seconds faster then last year at her open meet and won by over 600 meters in her debut of her Jr XC season!
Kaila Urick Gets Athlete of The Week in the Star Tribune State Paper, and the expected showdown did not happen in Kaila winning by 25 seconds!
O' Wins MSL title with sprint to Finish! O' is learning how to race!
Anna Dailey from Garfield High School wins big at the Washington State XC Meet in a stellar win of 17:58 and a new PR beating everyone by at least 19 seconds after spending the summer with Team Prep USA and finishing 54th the previous year.
Making a stop in Boulder to work on former clients on the way back from the Colorado State Championships. Emma Coburn Jr American Record holder and Joe Bosshard are becoming the shinning couple of the University of Colorado Buffaloes
"Trent is one of the top distance coaches in the country. I've watched him build champions on the high school, college and open levels. The guy can flat out coach distance"
Braman- 3 Time National Coach of the Year(06,07,08
"Champions are built in the Off season! Trent consistently sets the bar for the high school elite distance world. I would make sure my kid was apart of the Off Season with Team Prep USA! " Legendary Pat Tyson
Legendary Pat Tyson - Steve Prefontaine's roommate
"Coach Trent Sanderson is doing a excellent job of helping young runners reach their potential in distance running. He has helped many athletes earn athletic scholarships to top Division I cross country / track & field programs."
Duke University Kevin Jermyn
“Coach Sanderson was instrumental in the development of an athlete we are excited to have joining us next fall. Our recruitment of her quite likely wouldn’t have happened without his sound advice to both parties. He is a professional.”
University of Colorado / Mark Wetmore
“What an amazing opportunity Trent Sanderson gives to young athletes who are eager to take their running and competing to the next level. He certainly has a strong connection with our sport and a keen knowledge for building success on the cross country course and the track”
Kelly Strong- U of W 2008 XC NCAA Champions!
I think one of the best things Trent provides athletes is a progressive program that will allow student athletes to keep improving at the next level. So many of the club coaches over train their athletes and they just never get much better once they sign a scholarship. Trent's athletes have a nice background in the sport but they are not over cooked!
Coach Waters - 2009 National Track Champions!
"It is rare to find such a high quality, informed, and well connected coach at the high school level. Coach Sanderson is the type of coach every good high school runner wishes they had in their school."
University of Kentucky / John Mortimer
"Coach Sanderson does a great job of laying a foundation of knowledge of distance running in young athletes. The more equipped they are to understanding the sport, the easier the transition into college. I also trust Trent's opinion and outlook on athletes. He has been a great resource for me throughout several recruiting processes."
University of Virginia / Todd Morgan
"Coach Sanderson has done alot for the sport in developing and mentoring talent... Go Trent!"
Coach Karen Harvey '08 ACC Coach of the year!
"I continue to be so impressed by Coach Sanderson and his staff at Team Prep USA! Trent student-athletes are well prepared both mentally and physically and always seem to get it done in the classroom as well."
Coach Brad Hunt
"Trent has been passionate about distance running for quite some time and has truly made a name for himself as a coach. He has worked with and helped so many runners improve over the years. Every athlete of his that I have recruited, has spoken very highly of him and his training program, and so many have had tremendous improvements and success."
Brown University / Craig Lake
"Trent Sanderson is one of the finest distance coaches in the U.S.A. His ability to work with and attain improvement from young athletes is remarkable."
Western State College / Dr. Duane Vandenbusche / 3
Trent is very well connected to the running community. For those student-athletes that are trying to become part of a competitive college program, Trent is a great place to look for guidance. He'll help them understand the process and the level of commitment it requires to be successful.
Michigan State University / Rita Molis
I have seen Trent Sanderson take emerging high school athletes and develop them into Footlocker Finalists. Most coaches dream to have one athlete make it to nationals in a career, while Trent does it annually.
University of Arkansas / Lance Harter
"As a college coach, I truly appreciate a coach like Trent Sanderson that provides two great services for our sport. First, he does a great in coaching the athletes in his program. Secondly, and equally important, he is a great advocate for them in their college search. His students are really in a win-win situation."
Dartmouth University / Barry Harwick
"Trent Sanderson has the gift. He knows running. He understands young people. He is the most motivated coach I have ever met. I know him well."
Paul J. Meyer/ Motivational Speaker - "New York Ti