Developing Champions and Leaders out of thin Air!

Since Trent Sanderson arrived in 2004 in this small quaint mining town of Crested Butte, Colorado (elevation 8,898ft), running is becoming the trend of choice. In the five years that the program has been in its inception, All-American status has been reached 18 times over the course of four years from the runners that have been working with Coach Sanderson.

Trent Sanderson is starting a new trend in starting his own business called 'Team Prep USA', He realizes that his coaching has evolved into a life coach model.

Youth of today have it more challenging then ever, especially for the accomplished youth. Sanderson has found that the ages of 11 - 18 is a difficult time and the student athlete will sometimes listen to a mentor and coach more then their own parents.

This Program is not designed for troubled or therapeutic kids. I feel that in America we never focus on the developed student athlete, we have always said wait on everyone else to catch up. You will not get that from Coach Sanderson. The old saying the sky is limit is why Trent Sanderson moved to one of the highest places in North America to find out if it is the limit.

How to become a Client?

You must be a good academic student and have asked yourself "can I do more". You will be connected through his program with all the modern day resources, such as, text messaging, email, web video, website, and cell phone.

You will have your very own personalized:

1. Olympic Coach - That will plan out your day to day training program

2. Certified Dietitian and registered Nutritionist

3. Weight Coach

4. Help with College Placement

5. Will help guide you through your times when you are with your High school team

6. Will be allowed to travel and meet up with us and compete for your school team and get guidance while you are one on one with Coach Sanderson.

7. Their will be short trips set up to come and train with Coach Sanderson in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado, 3-4 days at a time during the year at different times of the year. (Spring Break, Vacation from school etc.)

Payment Plan is set up in a quarter cycle:

Fall Phase: August ---- December ~ Cross Country Season

(Winter Phase and Summer Phase works as a combination)
Winter Phase: December ---- February ~ Base Season -- Very Important

Spring Phase: February ---- June ~ Track & Field Season

Summer Phase: June ---- August ~ Base Season -- Your Cross Country, rest on this Phase

For further info on the program:

Contact - Team Prep USA - at

Interested in becoming a client? Click on link below.
Team Prep USA Client Inquiry

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Acli-Mate helps you feel better at altitudeAcli-Mate® Natural Sport Drinks, formulated by Dr. Roanne Houck, Naturopathic Physician and athlete, will be provided to you by Team Prep USA! Acli-Mate® Formulations, LLC is based out of Gunnison, CO and is proud to be an official sponsor of Team Prep USA and your official sport drink supplier for the 2011 season.

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Participants are invited to visit Team Prep USA's High Altitude Hydration page to learn more about these natural sport drinks. For optimal acclimatization, Dr. Houck recommends starting the Mountain Formula three days prior to arrival at elevation. Visit Team Prep USA's High Altitude Hydration page for additional information on acclimatization, best use for runners and more!

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